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Tactically located on 60 acres, GWSI has over a million square feet of warehouse space. There is direct access to I-95 and I-76 and is only ten miles from the Port of Philadelphia, PA and both the CSX and Norfolk Southern regional intermodal transfer facilities. Centrally positioned only ninety miles from New York and the DC Metro corridor, GWSI customers find our location ideal to service their clients.

Our newest location in Jacksonville FL, features a 240,000 square foot, state of the art warehouse facility with 39 doors for loading and unloading as well as indoor/outdoor storage & loading capabilities handling a large list of commodities.

drawing of a man driving a forklift lifting a large box

All buildings at GWSI are rail served handling a variety of commodities from all over the country. Some of the commodities handled at GWSI both via rail & sea are:

Secure Storage

We promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.

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Operational outsourcing brings several advantages to the table in the realm of the supply chain.

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large warehouse filled with materials

US Customs Bonded Warehouse

GWSI can handle bonded storage for all commodities with the exception of refrigerated cargo

crane loading freight containers on a railcar

FDA & AIB Certified “Food Grade” & a Container Freight Station (CFS)

GWSI is FDA & AIB Certified “Food Grade” & a Container Freight Station (CFS)

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Short Term & Long Term Storage

We have the space and solutions to provide both short and long term storage options.

Forklift at work with driver

Loading Export Containers

We encourage export shippers to bring their cargo close to the Port for shipping. Our location is ideal to and we can handle anything from machinery to food grade commodities delivered by truck or rail.

forklift loading large freight on a truck

Export Consolidations

Export consolidations is a big part of our business as we encourage exporters that are shipping from further distances to bring the cargo to GWSI which is closer to the Port and have us handle the loading and securing of the container.

large warehouse filled with materials

Bulk Transfers

Experience, expertise and equipment to handle a variety of “Bulk” commodities. GWSI has the space and the means to store 500,000 plus tons of bulk materials on our property and receives bulk materials via Trucks, Rail & Sea.

Wagon of freight train with containers


A large percentage of Import loads that move through the Ports of Philadelphia have destinations throughout the country and in many cases they are too heavy to move legally over the road. GWSI offers the ability to “Transload” The containers at our warehouse by moving them legally via our fleet of trucks with the “Sealed Container Permit” of 90,000lbs.

Loading Container Ship Port


Handle a variety of customers every week for freight that arrives through the Ports of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York and is transferred into road trucks delivering throughout the US and Canada.

Dramatically reduced freight costs

Railcar Service

GWSI customers have dramatically reduced freight cost by using direct rail services.

We are what is called a “Shared Assets” facility meaning that we are served by all Class 1 railcar providers and we do not wait to be serviced by their local placement service at GWSI Inc we have our own Railcar positioner.

A diverse mix of commodities originating throughout the USA, Canada & Mexico start off on rail lines such as BNSF, Union Pacific, Canadian National & Canadian Pacific. All have access to GWSI through reciprocal rail switch agreements with CSX & Norfolk Southern for the last leg of the journey.

GWSI railcar mover on tracks

With strong relationships with all Class 1 railcar providers GWSI has the ability to track & trace and provide essential data and transit times to our customers which is updated until the cars bump our docks.

GWSI is fully capable of receiving 50’ & 60’ boxcars as well as gondola, flat cars, center beam, bottom drop, rotary dump, open top and covered hopper cars.

We have a “Side Track” that can hold up to 35 cars as well as 2½ miles of track in our complex. This allows the timely positioning of the rail cars to the correct buildings for unloading.

cartoon drawing of a man driving a forklift with a skid of boxes

Warehouse Management System

GWSI WMS has been a “Value Added Service” to our customers. It features real-time reporting and web based visibility to provide on-demand views that adapt to changing markets and customer needs.

You will have total control and 24/7 inventory visibility as well as the ability to manage orders and inventory with e-mail alerts when cargo is received or shipped from GWSI. It is a seamless integration with EDI and e-Commerce engines.

GWSI utilizes bar code scanners to instantly capture and record data point within our warehouses for all inbound and outbound freight.

The understanding we have of our WMS strengthens and improves our international trade relations and enables us to ensure a more secure and expeditious supply chain for our employees, suppliers and customers.

Logistical Solutions

GWSI operates a fleet of trucks handling both the port drayage for our customers as well as the deliveries to the end destination. Please feel free to contact us for all of your transportation needs.


  • US Customs & Border Protection Bonded Facility
  • FDA Approved “Food Grade”
  • AIB Approved “Food Grade”
  • 24/7 gated guarded facility
  • 70 cameras throughout facility
  • PLCB bonded licensed facility
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